It’s Not About What You Do

It’s About the Result of What You Do

Instead of just listing your job responsibilities, feature the accomplishments you’ve generated based on those responsibilities. This differentiates you and conveys the value you’ll provide to future employers.

Your resume must be ATS (Application Tracking System) compliant with the right keywords and format or recruiters can’t even find you.

Get the immediate attention of the recruiter with unique brand identity and narrative that illuminates the person behind the professional.

Your kickass, branded, ATS compliant resumes is delivered within five days and includes two rounds of revisions.

Here is How I Write Resumes

That Stand Out to Recruiters

1. Brand Questionnaire

I send you a brand questionnaire which is not to be confused with a resume work sheet. The Brand Questionnaire has questions on it such as “What is the hill you’re willing to die on? What is your mantra and superpowers? What gets you out of bed in the morning and how do your core values show up in the workplace”.

Deep contemplative questions designed to help you get clear on what you want, why you want it and what your natural a brilliance is.

2. Job Descriptions

You send me 3-5 job descriptions that set your hair on fire for us to use for ATS.

3. Phone Session

Finally, we schedule a 2-hour phone session to deconstruct and reconstruct your resume using my CAR method, Challenge, Actions, Results. We create a narrative that threads the needle throughout your career that articulates why you’re the most qualified candidate for the job.