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Ali Roth, LMFT, MA

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Stand out with an interview-worthy resume. My mission is to empower professionals to promote themselves in the context of their career achievements, so they will attract their ideal job, procure an interview, and get hired.

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I help my clients across all industries revise their resumes or write new resumes from scratch and get an interview for their dream job by getting noticed by recruiters.

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Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles & Cover Letters


A resume is a formal one to two-page document written in first person without pronouns. Rather than focus just on your responsibilities, we’ll focus on your deliverables, accomplishments, and the solutions of your responsibilities, as that conveys the value you bring in the eyes of a recruiter and employer and differentiates you from other candidates with your same position at another company.

LinkedIn Profiles

Your LinkedIn profile is an up-close and personal look at the person behind the professional. It is an informal profile that features why you do what you do, what you love about your career, how you got started and what your ambitions are.

Cover Letters

My cover letters bridge the divide between the content in the job description and your experience. It is less about you and more about what you can do for the employer to resolve the challenges they’ve laid out in their job description. If a recruiter receives hundreds of random resumes and yours includes a targeted cover letter, it’s likely you’ll be selected for an interview.

Client Testimonials

Ali is amazing! I presented Ali with a resume that had over 20 years of experience and Ali connected a familiar theme for all the positions. My resume is amazing and captures the story of my work experiences.
Danielle Stokes

Assistant Commissioner at NYC Children Services

I have a great story to tell but like so many others, was unsure of the best way to tell my story till I came across Ali. I was looking for help in sprucing up my resume and LinkedIn profile, while bringing out my personality through these online artifacts.
Ronnie Kher

Global Alliance Executive

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ali! She is professional, kind, and motivational. She has a gift of making her clients feel valued and inspired. I have utilized a couple of resume writers, but I have never worked with anyone like Ali.
Nicole Myrie

Clinical Director for Healthcare