Got Jobs

We completed my resume in February, I landed an interview at the end of April and landed my new job in May. Before we worked together, I was looking for a job for over a year with no luck. So, thank you again for your help with my resume, LinkedIn and cover letter!

Lindsay Tagliareni

I left my prior job at the end of January; my resume and cover letter were completed by the time I left my job. I applied for my current job on 2/10, received a call on 3/9 to schedule an interview on 3/12 and was hired on 3/23. Thank you.

Donna Mari

I submitted my resume, heard back two days later, and was hired two weeks later.

Eric S.

Just wanted to know how awesome you are! My contract ended with Wells Fargo and I got a new gig in two weeks, thanks to your brilliant resume writing. Here is a testament you can publish and attribute to me.

Christine Venegas

It’s Robert Mercado Veron. I had to let you know that today I accepted a new job with a new company. I cannot THANK YOU ENOUGH for helping me with your resume. Your guidance truly helped me land this new role.

Robert Mercado Veron

I’ve been meaning to reach out. I landed a GREAT new role. I also go the interview from applying with my resume—without knowing anyone at the company (which in this day and age is pretty amazing.) Your resume writing skills and approach made all the difference for me.

Jane Evans

I hope you are well. I will be starting a new opportunity at Credit Suisse on 9/7. The resume you created for me and the process you took me through to produce it were key in my ability to make this opportunity happen for my career. Thank you!

Jonathan McCoy

I sent out 4 applications using my new resume on Tuesday. 3 out of the 4 agencies offered me an interview that same day. The one I liked the most interviewed me yesterday and send me a job offer today. I owe it all to you and your amazing process.